David Moriconi
David Moriconi
Co-founder, President and CEO

Dave and his design team have designed and developed over 350 successful technology-based products marketed world wide. He is the recipient of 29 U.S. patents and his designs have received numerous national and international product design awards. Mr. Moriconi began his product design career in 1972 and brings considerable design and executive management experience and oversight to each and every project at IDE. His work, methodologies and views have been included in such publications as Design News, Machine Design, Plastics Design Forum, PC Magazine, New Business Opportunities, IDSA’s Design Perspectives and IDSA’s Innovation.

Prior to co-founding IDE, Mr. Moriconi was Co-founder, Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Operations of NNA Corporation, a turn-key product development company specializing in the design and development of desk-top and portable PCs and PC peripherals. NNA Corporation was acquired by Tandon Corporation, a publically traded company, in 1985. Prior to NNA Corporation, Dave was Director of Product Design at Victor Technologies Inc., a $300 Million PC and electronic business products manufacturer with corporate wide responsibilities for Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, Technical Publications and Document Control. Prior to Victor Technologies, Mr. Moriconi held design and design management positions with BNR Inc. (Nortel Networks), Raytek Inc., and Western Microwave Inc.

Raphael Hebert
Raphael Hebert
Vice President, Director of Industrial Design

Raphael has 10 plus years of experience working in the corporate world designing high end bio-medical instruments, as well as 15 plus years in the consulting environment designing everything from handheld and wearable consumer products to ruggedized, weather resistant portable test gear. Thus, Raphael is the ideal person to lead our industrial design team and provide the creative impetus for your next product design.

An accomplished furniture designer and craftsman, Raphael also has a natural sensibility for quality and craft that can only come from the experience of making fine things. His masters touch can be seen in products IDE has designed for Anritsu Corporation; Auxogyn; Corsair; Fluidigm; Kopin; Molecular Devices; Ventana Medical (a Roche Group company); Wescor (an Elitech Group company) and more. He is also co-inventor of the Blade Writer multi-tasking utility tool, sold in many retail hardware venues across the country.

Raphael is a graduate of San Jose State University with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Industrial Design and he is a member of the Industrial Designers Society of America.

Emmanuel Boateng
Emmanuel Boateng
Industrial Designer

Emmanuel Boateng is a very talented member of IDE’s industrial design team. A designer with a BFA in Industrial Design from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, America’s oldest private art institution, Emmanuel is also a very talented visual artist who paints, sculpts and creates animations. Emmanuel brings a renaissance approach to his designs solving problems with functional, aesthetic, user-sensitive solutions.

Since joining IDE in 2015, Emmanuel has made significant design contributions to projects ranging from state of the art Bio-tech cytometry systems, portable fuel cell power packs, instruments used in digital pathology, to cutting edge sensor systems used for new products targeted for the “internet of things”.

Prior to joining IDE, Emmanuel was a consulting industrial designer at Ideology Product Development, a Massachusetts based product design consultancy, where he gained experience in designing diverse products such as toys and kitchen appliances for companies such as Dorel, Kids Galaxy and Princess House.

Emmanuel is very health conscious person and has designed several medical devices on his own. One of these devices is an innovative new inhaler for asthmatic children that is much easier and less embarrassing to use. The other is a radically improved ear thermometer that addresses usability issues discovered by observing his younger brother trying to use current products on the market. He is also in the process of prototyping a new concept for a water vessel designed for use in his native country Ghana that will prevent injuries that can occur from carrying heavy, non-ergonomic containers of water.

John Fertig
John Fertig
Principal Mechanical Engineer

John Fertig is a Senior Product Design Engineer with over 25 years of product design experience. John is a detail oriented engineer very well disciplined in all aspects of mechanical and electro-mechanical design. John is currently in his second tenure at IDE following a 2 year hiatus in which he worked for Kopin Corporation, one of our consumer electronics clients. He was also a former IDE client, having served at E-MU Systems for over 9 years as a Sr. Mechanical Designer. During his tenure at E-MU, IDE worked with John and his team on the design of numerous successful electronic music modules, and a full size keyboard, for the pro-am music industry.

John has made significant contributions on IDE product designs for a variety of our clients including Anritsu Corporation; Auxogyn; Fluidigm Corporation; Kopin Corporation; Ventana Medical (a Roche Group company); Wescor (an Elitech Group company), Santa Cruz Audio and BD Biosciences. His vast expertise in electro-mechanical packaging has proven to be invaluable to several clients, mitigating risks, and allowing them to avoid costly manufacturing problems. John is very well versed in the use of 3D CAD and is an experienced user of both Solid Works and Pro Engineer.

Earlier in his career, John spent six years as a Senior Mechanical Engineer for Ultrapoint Corporation where he designed and oversaw the development of automated laser scanning microscopes.

John graduated from West Valley College with an Associate of Science Degree and has completed several College courses in electronic theory and computer aided design.

Jon Moriconi
Jon Moriconi
Sr. Product Design Engineer

Jon Moriconi is an accomplished mechanical product designer with a broad background in mechanical product development. Jon began his career at IDE in 1996 working part time as a high school student and later as a college student at San Jose State University. During his student years, Jon worked in IDE’s model making and prototyping facility, programming the CNC milling machines, making silicone molds and casting urethane plastic parts.

Following college, Jon began working in IDE’s engineering office as a CAD designer supporting the mechanical engineering team producing complex CAD models and drawings using Pro Engineer, Solid Works and Rhino 3D. Jon also took over the position of CAD Administrator on the passing of IDE engineer Doug Jones, and has served as IDE’s in house “IT guy” for the past 10 years.

Jon made the transistion from support role to lead mechanical designer on a number of challenging designs including the Anritsu E Series portable test gear platform, e-Omni’s solar module, Wescor slide strainers and Ventana Medical’s iScan HT slide carousel and drive mechanism. Jon also contributed to the CAD development on several carbon fiber bicycle frames. Jon has made several trips to Asian factories to assist with the development of our client’s production tooling and manufacturing.

Jon is also an accomplished musician having written for, performed and toured with two popular Santa Cruz rock bands.

Bill Seiler
Bill Seiler
Chief Electronics Systems Engineer

IDE is very fortunate to have Bill Seiler, legendary PC designer of Commodore fame, leading our systems engineering team. Though Bill is best known for his contributions to the personal computer industry as a member of Chuck Peddle’s PC design team, Bill has a very broad repertoire in electronic systems design, including hardware, firmware and software.

His experience at the forefront of the PC industry, and later with digital camera design, has fostered a unique sensitivity for designing devices for the end user. This makes Bill the perfect complement for IDE’s industrial design and mechanical engineering teams – solving complex user interface problems with intelligent systems solutions.

Bill came to IDE from Kurz Instruments, a world renowned Monterey, CA company that designs and manufactures industrial thermal mass flow transmitters. Bill is also a former colleague of IDE co-founder and CEO, Dave Moriconi, where they worked together at PC start-up Sirius Systems (later known as Victor Technologies). Bill is also a former IDE client, leading complex projects IDE worked on for London based Elonex Computer, Circuit City’s DIVX Group, and digital camera developer, Sierra Imaging.

Bill is a graduate of the University of South Florida with a Bachelors of Science Degree, with honors, in Electrical Engineering.

Glenn Stark
Glenn Stark
Senior System Engineer

Glenn Stark comes to IDE with over 25 years of lead systems engineering experience in electronics, computer engineering and digital imaging systems. Glenn is on his second tenure with IDE having previously served as IDE Senior Systems Engineer from 2005 to 2007. From 2007 to 2012, Glenn held the position of Senior Systems Engineer for Ventana Medical Systems, a Roche company and IDE customer.

At Ventana Medical Systems he was the chief systems engineer for the iScan Coreo and iScan HT digital pathology scanners. His responsibilities included the electrical control system design of optical scanning microscopes used for automated cancer detection. He was instrumental in the design and implementation of a proprietary X-Y stage with less than 1 micron Z resolution over an X-Y distance of 1 mm and he was the recipient of several patents issued for a high speed focusing method using an embedded microcontroller and application code running on a PC.

During his first tenure at IDE Glenn was responsible for the electronics systems design of a handheld optical pesticide detection system, a solar powered Lithium battery charger and outdoor LED lighting system, and a microprocessor based soil-moisture detection system.

Prior to joining IDE, Glenn was involved in the design of numerous digital camera systems for multinational companies such as Polaroid, Kodak, HP, Sanyo, Epson, Samsung, Toshiba and Agfa with responsibilities for all aspects of image processing. From 1980 to 1997, Glenn designed several disk drive controllers for both proprietary and industry-standard computer products and was a key architect for several award winning personal computer systems. His name appears on five US patents related to disk drive technology.

Mr. Stark began his career at Commodore where he designed the floppy disk drive controller for the Commodore PET, a landmark product in the history of the personal computer. Mr. Stark received his BS degree in Computer Engineering from Iowa State University.

Patrick Moriconi
Patrick Moriconi
PD Operations

Patrick Moriconi joined IDE full time in 2005, upon graduating from CSU Monterey Bay. Prior to 2005, Patrick had worked part time at IDE since 2001, primarily in IDE’s model making and prototyping facility, where he programed and operated the CNC milling machines and assisted with the fabrication of industrial design models and engineering prototypes.

Since turning full time, Patrick handles a variety of roles in IDE operations including documentation, vendor research, procurement, materials and inventory control, prototype assembly, receiving and shipping, and operation of our 3D rapid prototyping system.

Patrick plays a crucial role in almost every project IDE does, making sure designs are documented, and the right parts are procured, inspected and kitted for assembly. He works closely with project engineers to ensure that prototypes and other deliverables are shipped on time and he maintains detailed minutes of internal design reviews and project team brainstorming sessions.

Patrick also conducts post project audits that are key to IDE’s on going ability to refine our product development process, improving design efficiencies for future projects.

Patrick is a graduate of California State University at Monterey Bay with a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Global Studies.

Chris Moriconi
Christine Moriconi

Chris Moriconi joined IDE in 1995 as its Administrator, managing the company’s HR, AP and AR functions as well as maintaining IDE’s books and assisting the staff with any and all unusual project needs.

Chris also is the person you first hear when calling IDE and she will help clients find the person they need to talk to—an important function in a service oriented company.

Chris handles all personnel requirements including researching the market for the best employee benefits, and assisting employees with any benefits/insurance questions, etc. Chris also manages and coordinates employee timecards, making sure invoices are properly formulated and issued on time.

In addition to those duties, Chris also manages the company’s payroll and insures that all employees are properly paid and receive the appropriate tax documentation.

Chris is graduate of Hayward State University (now California State University, East Bay) with a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Sociology.