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Bill Seiler — Consulting Electronics Systems Engineer

Bill SeilerIDE is very fortunate to have Bill Seiler, legendary PC designer of Commodore fame, leading our systems engineering team. Though Bill is best known for his contributions to the personal computer industry as a member of Chuck Peddle’s PC design team, Bill has a very broad repertoire in electronic systems design, including hardware, firmware and software.

His experience at the forefront of the PC industry, and later with digital camera design, has fostered a unique sensitivity for designing devices for the end user. This makes Bill the perfect complement for IDE’s industrial design and mechanical engineering teams – solving complex user interface problems with intelligent systems solutions.

Bill came to IDE from Kurz Instruments, a world renowned Monterey, CA company that designs and manufactures industrial thermal mass flow transmitters. Bill is also a former colleague of IDE co-founder and CEO, Dave Moriconi, where they worked together at PC start-up Sirius Systems (later known as Victor Technologies). Bill is also a former IDE client, leading complex projects IDE worked on for London based Elonex Computer, Circuit City’s DIVX Group, and digital camera developer, Sierra Imaging.

Bill is a graduate of the University of South Florida with a Bachelors of Science Degree, with honors, in Electrical Engineering.