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Jon Moriconi — Consulting Mechanical Design Engineer

Jon MoriconiJon is an accomplished mechanical product design engineer with a broad background in mechanical product development. Jon began his career at IDE in 1996 working part time as a high school student and later as a college student at San Jose State University. During his student years, Jon worked in IDE’s model making and prototyping facility, programming the CNC milling machines, making silicone molds and casting urethane plastic parts.

Following college, Jon began working in IDE’s engineering office as a CAD designer supporting the mechanical engineering team producing complex CAD models and drawings using Pro Engineer, Solid Works and Rhino 3D. Jon also took over the position of CAD Administrator and has served as IDE’s in house “IT guy” for the past 15 years.

Jon was the lead mechanical designer on a number of challenging designs including the Anritsu E Series and Anritsu MS2080A Field Master Handheld RF Spectrum Analyzer portable test gear platforms, Wescor slide stainers and Ventana Medical’s iScan HT slide carousel and drive mechanism.

Jon was also the lead mechanical engineer on several computer controlled motorized mechanisms and drive trains. Jon also contributed to the CAD development on several carbon fiber bicycle frames. Jon has made several trips to Asian factories to assist with the development of our client’s production tooling and manufacturing. Jon is also an accomplished musician and co-founder and co-owner of a popular Santa Cruz microbrewery.