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Our mechanical design engineers play a crucial role in the development of each product we design, transforming our design team’s vision into a real-world product that is efficient and easy to manufacture, provides maximum performance and reliability to the user, and yet remains true to the design intent.

This seamless relationship between our industrial designers and mechanical designers is one of the critical elements in achieving product design excellence.

Our mechanical engineers bring a wealth of insight and technical wizardry to each project. They are well versed in a broad spectrum of established and emerging manufacturing processes, providing our customers with the competitive edge they need to go head to head in today’s global markets.

Our Mechanical Engineering services include:

  • 3D solids modeling (CAD)
  • Finite element analysis (CAE)
  • Design for manufacturability (DFM)
  • Electro-mechanical packaging
  • Opto-electronics packaging
  • Smart mechanism design
  • Engineering documentation
  • Support for production tooling
  • Manufacturing support